Huck Fate

No nonsense rock with a rural attitude and visceral honesty that is delivered with an intensity similar to an onslaught of beefy punches to the gut. Born out the hard-working, DIY ethos that is found throughout the farmlands of the Midwest and raised in the spirit of Mark Twain's famous character Huckleberry Finn.

This rowdy power trio has produced two albums of compelling grooves with absolutely no whining and no crying. 

Huck Fate’s second album, American Grift, channels the heat generated by that grinding wheel of everyday life, and turns it into a cathartic celebration reclaiming rock music from the whiny grifters that would spin their weepy yarns.

The songs employ a natural instrumental weight that compliments the forceful and untamed vocals. The sonic formula is pure rock magic, achieved through the do-it-yourself passion of the band members and engineers. All guitar amps are handmade by the guitarist, the drums are handmade by the drummer, and all sounds caught on the finest analog recording equipment. Tubes and tape . . . Beefy!

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