"Is There a Doctor in the House?"

JB Faires is a graduate of the University of Illinois' doctor of musical arts (DMA) in jazz studies program. As a musician, educator, sound engineer, and booking agent covering a wide range of musical styles and eras, JB is a proven provider of quality entertainment.

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Performing Artists

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Reverend Robert &

the Rhumba Bums


Reverend Robert is a master of prewar blues, ragtime and early jazz, Hawaiian, African and Caribbean music. JB and Jay Ferguson (percussion) combine these styles shamelessly with an infectious rhythm and an authentic acoustic sound.

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Fairly Odd Duo

Acoustic Americana/Pop

JB & Michelle Faires have amassed a rather unique repertoire that will keep you guessing what's coming next. Drawing from singer-songwriters, both obscure and famous, of every decade of American popular music, The Fairly Odd Duo features the vocals of Michelle and JB, as well as JB's guitar playing, which might surprise those of you who are used to seeing him on bass.

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The JB Faires Trio


JB Faires has developed a network of fine jazz musicians in central Illinois, many of whom team up for various trio incarnations. Most often heard performing with Jay Ferguson on drums, and Paul Johnston on piano, this trio is hard to beat . . .

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