Reverend Robert & The Rhumba Bums

Reverend Robert is a master of prewar blues guitar. He has delved deep into the styles of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and other delta blues giants. In the past two decades he has become accomplished at many other early twentieth century styles including ragtime and early jazz, Hawaiian, African, Indian and Caribbean. 

Combine that with vast array of musical styles JB Faires and Jay Ferguson are capable of, what you have is seamless combination of infectious rhythm and an authentic acoustic sound. 

Reverend Robert and The Rhumba Bums play songs from a wide variety of sources linking Louisiana to Trinidad and Brazil. While you may hear a country and western song played with a second-line groove, a classic mento or reggae song, or a blues played over an Afro-Cuban son montuno, the results are easily relatable and danceable!